Ryan Pearce

i'm a video maker working mostly with music based video including promos, live videos and documentaries.
i spent ten years designing live visuals for REVERE, and touring with the band performing them.

check the work pages to see some of my stuff.

for projects which require more hands than i currently own, i work as part of mwtmc with a team of incredibly talented people.


i've recently made two music videos with Charlie Barnes for his Oceanography album campaign.

you can now buy my live film from future of the left. i've been listening to that band since they started, and it was great fun to finally work on something for them. i've added one track from the film to the live page. you can buy the film as part of of a limited DVD/CD set or in HD digitally.

i spent one Sunday in the Great North shooting some single take live session videos for my friends The Society Pages. i've added the first to the one shots page, a second is also out now

two new videos for Charlie Barnes and ALMA have been added. a music video with Charlies exquisite slow motion dancing is on the
music videos page, and a very special live reinterpretation of the track is on the live page.

the first press of my live DVD for Vennart has sold out! very limited copies of the second press remain, see vennart.com. a digital version, featuring all of the bonus material, can be purcahsed at the Vennart VHX page.

i've added a new music video for my long term creative partners REVERE. this is the final ever REVERE video, as band members break to work on new projects. i want to thank them for the last ten years, and i look forward to working on new projects with them all.